We provide Management Consulting Services, Meeting Facilitation, Keynote Addresses and Professional Skill Building Workshops aimed at improving the efficiency of Sales Engineering organizations, reducing the cost of sale and increasing the execution/close rate.

If you’re looking for anything from a 90 minute micro-workshop at a sales kickoff to an extensive 18 month development program we have something for your organization.

We also provide a set of six videos created by John which can be used as either an introduction to the curriculum or as a “booster shot” after training. Either you can host them as part of your Learning Management System or we can host them for smaller SE teams.

Additional information about the match between the OPTAM Domains of Excellence and the MTS Curriculum

Full Curriculum Listing

Download a full curriculum listing which covers all the SE Professional Skills from initial Business Value Discovery and Presentation Mechanics through Demo and Presentation Workshops to advanced topics such as becoming the Trusted Advisor. Updated July 2017.

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