“Life Happened Because I Turned The Pages”

There are a number of books I would recommend to be in the library of every Sales Engineer. Some of them are Pre-Sales specific, some deal  with demos and presentations, and others are regular business books. Having these books in your library can only serve to make you a  stronger, smarter and successful  Pre-Sales Engineer. Although these are the English versions, many have been translated into other languages. Start reading!

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The Sales Engineer Book Of The Month: Draw To Win

Dan Roam

Draw To Win is Dan Roam’s newest (and fifth) book in his wonderful series about the power of visual explanations. This is a short book, about 170 pages, and although it contains more stories than its predecessors do – Dan spends a lot of time in dealing with the WHY, as in why you should draw things.

My view is that white boarding / visual selling is an essential part of any SE’s toolkit. You should not need much convincing about the WHY and instead should focus on the HOW. The book does simplify some of Dan’s previous ideas, and certainly expands on the innovation ideas and “how do I get started?” Yet I’d recommend that you start with the Back Of The Napkin and Unfolding The Napkin if you are new to his work before you read this book.


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