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There are a number of books I would recommend to be in the library of every Sales Engineer. Some of them are Pre-Sales specific, some deal  with demos and presentations, and others are regular business books. Having these books in your library can only serve to make you a  stronger, smarter and successful  Pre-Sales Engineer. Although these are the English versions, many have been translated into other languages. Start reading!

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Draw To Win Book Cover

The Sales Engineer Book Of The Month: When

Dan Pink

Timing is everything! Yet so much sales and technical training focuses on the HOW to accomplish a task, rather than the WHEN. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you should ask to go first or last when presenting, the best time to demo to assure attention, or if you have a legitimate excuse to take an afternoon nap? Dan Pink, in WHEN, spends an intriguing 200+ pages looking at the science behind the WHEN, rather than the HOW or the infamous WHY. At the end of each chapter, he then presents a “time-hackers” summary of lessons learnt and how to maximize the time dimension of your life.

It’s a general purpose book, so you’ll have to extract what is relevant and meaningful to you – yet there is enough in here that everyone will gain some insight into how to ensure that you do the right thing at the right time. Recommended for the SE Essential Reading Library.


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Effective Manager Book Cover
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Effective Manager Book Cover

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